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At SDOHPro, that protection of your data and reputation is of utmost importance us, which is why we maintain the Platinum of security standard in the Healthcare Industry, HITRUST™

What is HITRUST?

HITRUST is a non-profit authoritative body that establishes evolving, comprehsive security standards and regulations and combines them into one rigorous framework.

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) was developed to address the multitude of security, privacy and regulatory challenges facing healthcare organizations. The HITRUST CSF was developed by healthcare and IT professionals to provide an efficient and prescriptive framework for managing the security requirements inherent in HIPAA.

The HITRUST CSF certification process is difficult. Vendors must invest in building a comprehensive privacy and security program going well beyond any regulatory requirements― a means to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to protecting sensitive information and managing data risk.

There are no state or federal mandates for HITRUST CSF certification. However, in 2016, some of the biggest health insurance payers announced a requirement for all of their vendors to become HITRUST certified. Since then, HITRUST certification has become an industry-wide standard required by a majority of payers.

For most companies that create, access, store, or exchange Protected Health Information (PHI), HITRUST compliance is an essential part of doing business. This ranges from doctor’s offices, hospitals, and pharmacies to insurance companies, healthcare vendors, and more. Following HITRUST regulations ensures that an organization is meeting multiple regulations and implementing the highest security standards for its data and systems.